Dinner Menu


Welcome to the Scottish Prince. All of our food has been created to share, as you would dining in a ships Galley with your fellow sailors. Tear apart a piece of fresh Burleigh Baker sourdough, and dip in to some of these hidden delights!


Crumbed green olives stuffed with blue cheese (v) 12

Honey-glazed pumpkin tartine, caramelized onion, blue stilton and fresh rocket (v) 10

Marinated sardines, pickled red onion, confit cherry tomatoes and garlic (gf) 16

Scotch egg, truffle-mushroom parmesan, panko crumbs, gherkin aioli (v) 10

Tempura zucchini flowers (3) stuffed with Meredith chevre, lemon & chives (v) 16

Roast cauliflower & spiced chickpea salad, fresh herbs, pickled onion & tahini dressing (v) (gf) 16

Arancini Balls (4) with tarragon aioli, kipfler potato, green peas, parmesan & capers (v) 16

Sirloin steak, chat potatoes, truffle gherkins, golden shallots & red wine jus (gf) 26

Whiskey & maple glazed Lamb Cutlets, rosemary potatoes & green pea basil pesto (gf) 26

Australian prawns tossed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli (gf) 24

Quinoa, pork, fennel & chilli meatballs in smoked tomato sauce. 18


Rosemary garlic roasted potatoes (v, gf) 10

Roasted brussels sprouts, garlic, rosemary & parmesan (v, gf) 10

Sauteed broccolini garlic butter (v, gf) 10


The Loaded Musket

Maffra Cheddar, Jamon Serrano Bodega, pickles, onion jam & grilled ciabatta. 18

Walk the Plank

Truffled salami, Bresaola, Sopressa, Lingot D’argental, Maffra cheddar, Gorgonzola Dolce, cornichons, pickled fennel, olives, pear marmalade, toasted nuts, crackers. 45

The Captains Table

Lingot D’argental, Spiced Gouda, Blue Stilton, Dutch Smoked, olives, dried fruits, pear marmalade, nuts, quince, crackers. 35 (v)


Accompanied with selected sides and fresh Burleigh Baker sourdough

– Cheese –

Maffra Cheddar 8

Lingot Dargental 9

Taleggio 9

Meredith Chevre 9

Spiced Gouda 8

Dutch Smoked 8

Blue Stilton 9

Gorgonzola Dolce 8

– Charcuterie –

Proscuitto 9

Bresaola 9

Sopressa Hot 8

Truffle Salami 8

Jamon Serrano Bodega 9

‭- ‬DESSERT‭ -‬

Dark chocolate & roasted espresso mouse with whisky cream 12

Apple tarte tartin, walnut pecan praline, whisky caramel sauce & double cream 15

Dessert cheese platter‭ – ‬Orange chocolate‭, ‬Lingot Dargental‭, ‬Gorgonzola Dolce‭, honeycomb & fresh berries‭ 20


We’ve put together a beautiful little tasting menu for two that’s available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. For just $30pp you will dine like a king! (minimum 2pp)

Honey-glazed pumpkin tartine, caramelized onion, Milawa blue cheese and fresh rocket.

Arancini balls with béarnaise, kipfler potatoes, green peas, parmesan, mint & capers.

Quinoa, pork, fennel & chilli meatballs in smoked tomato sauce.

Garlic and chilli prawns in EVO oil.

Sautéed broccolini garlic butter &

Lamb Cutlets with whiskey & maple syrup served with pea-basil mash.

Just $60 for two people!

Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights.